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Hey There, Privacy Fan!

Kudos for clicking on the "Privacy Policy" button! Most people don't, but you're no ordinary user, are you? 😉 Let's make this quick so you can get back to the fun stuff.

What Info Is Collected?

Just the essentials. When you sign up for my can't-miss newsletter, I'll need your email and name to address you properly. Placing an order? Your shipping information is required. Want to share more? I'm interested in your age, interests, and gender. Why all this? To better understand my fab audience and to make sure I'm not sending you information that would make you hit the snooze button.

How Often Will I Buzz You?

No more than once a week, promise! But let's hit the 'refresh' button: it's really more like once a month. If we're being super honest? My marketing game isn't exactly running like clockwork, so maybe twice a year. But these aren't set-in-stone numbers, so don't hold me to it.


Not a chance! I treat your data like a secret recipe; it stays in my vault and doesn't get shared. Consider yourself on my exclusive list.


Why cookies? Not just a tasty treat, in the digital world, cookies help make things tick. When you visit my website, I use cookies to track your visits and to keep you logged in if you have an account. This isn't to keep tabs on you but to create a smoother, more tailored browsing experience. Here's the rundown:

Tracking Visits: I use cookies to gather data about how you interact with my website. This helps me understand what catches your eye and allows me to make improvements.

Staying Logged In: If you have an account, cookies make sure you stay logged in and enjoy uninterrupted service. No one likes to be kicked out mid-browsing, right?

Rest assured, your cookie data is treated with the same respect as all your other information. Locked up tight and not shared!


Want out? No hard feelings! Just click "unsubscribe" at the bottom of any newsletter. Poof! You're free!

Updates to This Policy

If I tweak this masterpiece, I'll let you know in the newsletter. Stay tuned!


If you're burning to know more, feel free to contact me via this contact form. I'm all ears!

And there you have it—quick, simple, and hopefully a little fun. Cheers to respecting privacy!

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